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Jesus the Greatest Name Christian College (JGNCC) is one of the 128 educational institutions in San Jose del Monte, Bulacan. Established in 2003 by Mr. and Mrs. Pedro Maguad, the school population (comprising of Pre-elementary, Elementary, and High School pupils and students) has grown steadily to its present size of 285.True to its identity as a Christian school, it also serves as the Pleasant Hills Cell Church of Jesus Christ the Savior International Assemblies (JCSIA). Worship service is held every Sunday at 9 am.

"Train a child the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6

Through education, JGNCC aims to help children grow into peaceful, progressive, and globally competitive individuals. The school is to be responsible to the demands of the advancing society and is united in the common aspiration of achieving richer fuller lives in the service of God and the country.

JGNCC's mission is to help the parents in training their God-given developing child to be a total person -- God-fearing, physically fit, emotionally stable, mentally alert, and socially adaptable -- through: (1) a curriculum that is Bible-integrated, developmentally appropriate, and progressive; (2) a strong relationship between parent and school; (3) educationally prepared and children-focused staff; (4) appropriate facilities; and (5) a Biblical school culture.

1. Providing a venue for education to meet the child's needs with regards to intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects
2. Providing various appropriate learning areas that promote and encourage the child to learn
3. Creating an environment that is suitable for the child's development and learning
4. Honing the child's talents, skills and potentials, and helping him become a well-rounded individual
5. Preparing fun-filled and creative activities that help develop his independence and interaction with peers
6. Involving the parents of the child in different school activities to encourage them to work hand-in-hand with the teachers in molding the child's physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and social aspects

JGNCC has been awarded 46 Educational Service Contracting (ESC)scholarships by the Fund for Assistance to Private Education on July 2008. This program grants five thousand-peso tuition and school fees subsidy to graduates from public elementary schools. Grantees will enjoy the scholarship for their entire stay in high school provided that they do not incur failing marks and/or disciplinary violations.

Recent Awards: PRIScA Meet 2008-2009
General Information, Level 1, Gold
General Information, Level 2, Silver
General Information, Level 3, Silver
Science, Level 3, 6th Place
Spelling, Level 1, 5th Place
Mathematics, Level 1, 5th Place
Mathematics, Level 3, 9th Place
Chess, Board 1, Bronze

Notable Students
Vencer Jon Suba, JeT Racing Team, Asian Karting Open Championship 2006 (Sentul, Indonesia)
Peter John Primebeda, three-time PRIScA General Information placer, 2006-2008


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